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Kappo Fukuno -

Traditional and Authentic

Japanese Cuisine

Fukuno is a Kappo restaurant, a traditional style Japanese restaurant that serves both cooked dishes and raw dishes such as sushi (read more about Kappo) At Fukuno, we’re passionate about delivering the true beauty and the taste of "Washoku" - a Japanese way of eating.

A standard Japanese meal
Master of Fukuno preparing Oshi Sushi dish

Family Owned Since 1994

The master and the chef of Fukuno, Mitsuo Fukazawa, was born and raised in a small village called Tokai-village in Ibaraki prefecture located near Tokyo. After years of studying and training in Japan to become a Kappo chef, he traveled to the US and trained here for 16 more years working for several Japanese restaurants. He finally opened his own Kappo restaurant, Fukuno, in Torrance in 1994. Mitsuo and his wife has ever since run this family owned restaurant side by side, on their own, providing the authentic flavor and tradition of Japanese food to the people in Los Angeles.

Master of Fukuno cutting fresh fish

What is Kappo

The word Kappo can be translated as "cutting and cooking," which used to stand for the traditional methods of cooking Japanese food including boiling, steaming, stewing, stirring, frying, baking, and more. Nowadays, the word is more often used to describe a style of Japanese restaurant, where high-end traditional dishes are served in a la carte style. Kappo restaurants usually have counter seats facing an open kitchen, where the customers can order their dishes directly form the chef. Because of this style of serving, the chefs can show off the fresh seasonal ingredients and their cooking skills, therefore, the customers have the privilege to enjoy their orders from the very beginning, where the food is being cooked and being beautifully arranged on the dishes right in front of their eyes. Such Kappo restaurants offer dishes using the best ingredients of the season cooked with the traditional Kappo methods.

We Are Open for Dine-In!

We missed you so much, but we're finally open for dine-in! Please see our updated hours here.

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